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1 year ago | 15:42

Interesting VLOG from Kai Lenny. When a Big Wave World Tour event gets called on it becomes a complete scrabble to get everything together, cancel…

1 year ago | 3:56

The swell forecast promised one of the biggest ever days of surf at Nazaré, and it didn't disappoint. On January 18, the Portuguese beast also…

2 years ago | 2:31

This may be a surfing edit but that doesn't stop you watching it! Truly insane rides from some of the best big wave surfers in…

2 years ago | 1:21

#wipeoutwednesday: A slightly different one for you today. The surfers at Nazaré are hard as nails! ► Watch more XXL surf here: It seems like just…

6 years ago

We've all been talking about the big storm that hit Northern Europe over the last few days, the high winds were accompanied by some simply…


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