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Pure JAWS action! “One Wave Story” is a first-of-its-kind surf series that features five of this year’s most extraordinary big wave rides, breaking down in minute detail exactly what makes them so…extraordinary.

With expert analysis and visual explanations from renowned surfing authority Sam George and brought to life by multi Emmy-winning filmmaker Paul Taublieb, a series of epic rides at some of the world’s heaviest waves are shown in focus like never before. These include a trifecta from Jaws, on Maui, with amazing rides by Kai Lenny, Justine Dupont and Makua Rothman, along with a dramatic near-miss at Portugal’s Nazarè with Nic Von Rupp, and a NorCal “Hail Mary” drop outside the famed and feared Maverick’s bowl for South Africa’s Matt Bromley. But this isn’t your typical highlight reel: utilising a compelling mix of slow-motion footage, on-wave graphics and insightful commentary, every element of the ride is sequentially examined, from takeoff to kick-out, revealing both the dramatic moments and overlooked subtleties that separate a good ride from a great one, shown in a fashion never seen before.

Mon 31st May, 2021 @ 12:00 am


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