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8 hours ago

Moona takes out the new Cabrinha Autopilot, and Fusion foil for some dream waves out in the backyard. It doesn't get much better than this!

4 weeks ago

Locked down in Hawaii doesn't sound too bad! Moona and Kuma get out to make the most of a nice summer swell that hit Oahu.

2 months ago

The entire line of Cabrinha surfboards got a complete upgrade this season with all-new designs, new constructions and new¬†features. With shapes for all sizes of…

2 months ago

With the arrival of the new 00 Fall Collection of Cabrinha product, Moona takes out the brand new Crosswing X2 with Autopilot 5'2 & Carbon…

2 months ago

Just in case you missed the premiere earlier, we've got you covered! ¬†The year 2020 kicked off a new beginning for Cabrinha. A virtual resetting…

2 months ago

STAY TUNED! Cabrinha's 00 Fall Collection is released on the 23rd of September! The year 2020 kicked off a new beginning for Cabrinha. A virtual…

3 months ago

Moona Whyte receives the brand new Icon Drifter limited edition kite and takes it out for a spin on the North Shore. Each one is…

4 months ago

In this episode of 'Sessions with Moona', we join Moona, Keahi and Kuma for 24 hours. It's all about the follow-cam and who can catch…

5 months ago

Premiering for the first time - Tunnel Vision is OUT! 4x Kitesurfing World Champion, Keahi has done it all, and in 2019 he took a…