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6 months ago

Liam Whaley just dropped his first episode of 'World of Whaley', and in this episode he shares 'A day in the life of Liam in…

10 months ago

In search of a travel-friendly board with uncompromising performance? Watch Maxi Gomez's Split Story, right here! Rectangular channels on the tips guarantee super upwind performance…

10 months ago

Maxi Gomez is a king at his home spot in Tarifa, and this is why! Watch this...

1 year ago

Starting in the euro kiting hub of Tarifa, the video around some of the most epic spots around Alex's hometown to the gorgeous blue waters…

1 year ago

No kickers to boost off, Nobile rider Maximilian Gómez is one of the top world kitesurfers and the KING of his home spot – Tarifa,…

1 year ago

I don't like a big risk, but I know what I am doing. The wind was strong and steady. All I had to do was…

2 years ago

The Vivida Lifestyle crew put a huge amount of effort into this rather special movie featuring some of the best riders in the most amazing…

3 years ago

Stop what you are doing right now and enjoy this special treat, cancel your dinner plans or whatever was on the cards for the evening…

3 years ago

Are you fearless? Get a taste of what’s to come and enjoy the Wainman ManiaC 2.0 teaser. Who’s in? Aloha! - Fearless. It's all in…


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