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5 years ago

Leucate was all about strong winds, and tough conditions during the first stop of the GKA Freestyle World Cup! Check out the full 26-minute highlights...

6 years ago

The Big Air competition is supposed to be the secondary discipline for the GKA Kite-Surf World Tour if there’s time to run a show once...

6 years ago

You need a decent wetsuit to kite with icebergs! We are loving these inspiring short films from Manera. #STAYSALTY episodes aim to present Manera athletes...

7 years ago

When you make wetsuits, you can’t really go and test them in the Caribbean! The Manera crew head to Iceland to get cold and try...

7 years ago

OK, stop what you are doing right now and watch this, it's simply unreal! Join the Manera crew as they put together their first kitesurfing...

11 years ago

Jeremie Tronet was a bit of a media mogul a couple of years ago, barely a week passed without a new photoshoot or movie coming...

12 years ago

Check out this fun little edit with friend of the mag Mallory!