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1 month ago

As the name suggests, Cabrinha's Drifter is synonymous with it’s Drift ability. Put it in position and ride down the line, the kite gives you...

1 month ago

The longest-running and most successful kite in the industry is back for its 17th year, and what a year it is! The kite that spawned...

2 months ago

Now THATS how you introduce a new collection - Watch Cabrinha's 04 launch video NOW! Not all things are created equally, and neither should they...

8 months ago

Lucas Arsenault walks us through the all-new Cabrinha Operating System, a revolutionary new control system for kites. Find out more here.

9 months ago

Lucas Arsenault talks us through Cabrinha's all-new 03 Ace, a culmination of 3 years of design work from the Cab Design Works team. It's been...

11 months ago

Lucas Arsenault explains the new features of the Moto X kite, featuring Cabrinha's exclusive new HTD Lite Dacron material. Click here to find out more!

1 year ago

Welcome to the Gwen and Damo LIVE show Episode 53. Join Gwen and Demo as they get the full breakdown of all the new 2023...

4 years ago

Tips from Lucas Arsenault on how to fold your kite!

4 years ago

Lucas Arsenault guides us through the different settings on your Cabrinha FX