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2 months ago

Leonardo Casati scoring gold in Cape Town!

3 months ago

Leonardo Casati loving his new gear!

3 months ago

Watch Leonardo Casati's adventures in Holland, where he meets his new sponsors. Then, he returns home to El Medano in the Canary Islands, Spain, to...

4 months ago

Leonardo Casati loving his new Harlem Kiteboarding and Lieuwe set up!

4 months ago

Leonardo Casati looking very comfy on his new Harlem & Lieuwe gear!

4 months ago

Harlem Kitesurfing, Lieuwe Boards and Appletree Surfboards are  stoked to announce that Leonardo Casati is now a proud member of their teams! 2x Junior World...

4 months ago

BIG NEWS - The Casati family joins Harlem Kitesurfing, Lieuwe Boards & Appletree Surfboards! The King chose his family. In real life, you don't get...

5 months ago

Who wants to see 14 year old Leonardo Casati at the 2023 Red Bull King of the Air?!