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1 week ago

Rewatch the Big Air Men’s Finals between Lorenzo Casati v Jeremy Burlando v Stijn Mul v Lorenzo Casati right here!

2 weeks ago

Join Leonardo Casati as he prepares for the GKA World Championship 2024 on the stunning island of Gran Canaria. Check out LEO v LOG #08...

4 weeks ago

Step into Leonardo Casati's world in THE OTHER SIDE, where he takes you on a wave & strapless journey in the latest episode of LEO...

2 months ago

Watch Lorenzo Casati's Full Power Tarifa recap video in W.O.L. #18!

3 months ago

The Qatar Airways GKA Kite World Tour season opener in the Big Air discipline in France began with a bang when the Tramontana winds reached...

5 months ago

A glimpse into Leonardo Casati's training days!

5 months ago

Step into the world of Leonardo Casati as he takes you on a journey through his recent adventures in Cape Town, El Medano, and Tarifa....

5 months ago

Lords of Tram 2024 - The best Big Air riders in the world will hit Barcares, France for the first Big Air event of the...

6 months ago

Just in case you missed it - Watch 'Unleash the Force,' the inspiring documentary about Lorenzo Casati. Click here.