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7 months ago

This fall has been delivering, and Julien Kepski has been reaping the benefits in Cape Hatteras and Charleston!

12 months ago

Summer's HERE, and Chris Bobryk hits Charleston, SC with Session Sports!

7 years ago

Huge kiteloops, massive tow-ups and balls of steel. Here's some insane testing of the Liquid Force Envy 2015 from Julien Kepski and friends. We don't…

8 years ago

Sometimes you need a world class pro rider to convince you of a kite's qualities. Other times a well edited designer interview will do the…

8 years ago

Liquid Force team rider Julien Kepski throws down in this Triple S wild card entry, the biggest competition in the US is on the horizon…

8 years ago

We enjoyed this one this morning, Julien Kepski is a Liquid Force team rider with a solid ear for music and a decent bag of…