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12 months ago

Get ready to be blown away by Eleveight's talented young guns: Antoine Olliver, Jeremiasz Kuczma, Rafa Montero, and Kaya Lehmann! Keep your eyes peeled for...

2 years ago

Eleveight's Jeremiasz Kuczma just dropped this edit, sharing his highlight from Brazil with the WCKA! Best memories from Brazil time. Thanks to my supporters for...

3 years ago

Watch UK groms Jeremiasz Kuczma, and kite twins Alfie and Archie Luxton send it in Exmouth!

4 years ago

If you kiteboard around the UK, chances are you've seen or heard of Mad Max! The 11-year-old, Max Tullet is part of the Duotone UK...

4 years ago

11-year-old, Max Tullet just dropped his very first vlog! Let us know what you think...

4 years ago

Kids these days! Watch UK's young groms, Max Tullet, Jeremiasz Kuczma, Charlie King, and kite twins Alfie and Archie Luxton bumping off rocks, kiting without...