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3 months ago | 1:47

Drop what you're doing, and watch this! Whether you want the ultimate foiling and light wind weapon, high-end freestyle performance with added freeride versatility or simply…

3 months ago | 09:48

We love resurrecting edits like these! We're taking you back to 2013 and this one will keep you entertained, so sit back and enjoy ten…

3 months ago | 4:6

Get this one on a big screen, and crank up the volume! One of the sports most outspoken and diverse riders, Alex takes you through…

4 months ago | 5:6

Hear what Ewan Jaspan has to say about megaloops, good kiters, what makes a good coffee and his new film, Behold & Sea - Directed…

4 months ago | 25:58

AND HERE IT IS...! After a year in the making, Ewan Jaspan just dropped his latest full-length video! Grab a seat and watch this; incredible…

6 months ago | 14:23

Stuck deciding between the Thrust Surf and Thrust Kite? We sat our team riders down for a candid discussion on what set up's they're riding…

7 months ago | 1:1

Yewww! It's not only about Freestyle and Park, but Ewan Jaspan is also heading to Cape Town and hoping to join the madness in this year's…

10 months ago | 36:53

Kick back, relax and enjoy these MAD rides - The 2018 Patagonia Hood Jam finals action from the second round of the Kite Park League…

11 months ago

It would be an understatement to say this year's Hood Jam event scored epic Kiteboarding conditions. Ian Daly (local rider and judge for the event)…


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