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2 weeks ago

In Get High with Mike's latest vlog, he talks us through how to get awesome 360° kiteboarding videos - Filmed in Dahab, Egypt on the…

2 years ago

Louka Pitot just released MAYÉ - Episode 1 from the Red Sea shores of El Gouna, Egypt. MAYÉ (meaning stuck in Mauritian creole) is a…

2 years ago

Five days of non-stop wind on the Sinai's Blue Lagoon and Vytautas, Mostafa and Shoky were there to reap the benefits! If you haven't been…

3 years ago

Mostafa Abbas just submitted his 2020 RedBull King of the Air video straight from the Blue Lagoon in Sinai, Egypt.

3 years ago

A couple of clips from George Dufty's recent trip to Soma Bay, Egypt. Unfortunately, he didn't get much freestyle in but did manage to score…

3 years ago

Here's one that will get you weak in the knees! Watch Shoky in this 150m tow up at Blue Lagoon in Dahab, Egypt.

3 years ago

F-ONE Ukraine team riders, Bohdan Obluchinsky and Dmitry Pichul enjoying a freestyle session on the Red Sea in Hurghada, Egypt.

3 years ago

YESSS! We've been waiting for this one - Stop what you are doing, and get this on the big screen! This is what happens when…

3 years ago

This is NUTS! Joshua Emanuel scored a rare south windstorm in Ras Sudr, Egypt. With winds gusting up to 40 knots, Joshua grabbed his 9m…