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4 months ago

Five days of non-stop wind on the Sinai's Blue Lagoon and Vytautas, Mostafa and Shoky were there to reap the benefits! If you haven't been…

10 months ago

Mostafa Abbas just submitted his 2020 RedBull King of the Air video straight from the Blue Lagoon in Sinai, Egypt.

1 year ago

A couple of clips from George Dufty's recent trip to Soma Bay, Egypt. Unfortunately, he didn't get much freestyle in but did manage to score…

1 year ago

Here's one that will get you weak in the knees! Watch Shoky in this 150m tow up at Blue Lagoon in Dahab, Egypt.

1 year ago

F-ONE Ukraine team riders, Bohdan Obluchinsky and Dmitry Pichul enjoying a freestyle session on the Red Sea in Hurghada, Egypt.

2 years ago

YESSS! We've been waiting for this one - Stop what you are doing, and get this on the big screen! This is what happens when…

2 years ago

This is NUTS! Joshua Emanuel scored a rare south windstorm in Ras Sudr, Egypt. With winds gusting up to 40 knots, Joshua grabbed his 9m…

2 years ago

The first Cabrinha Kite Voyage on the Red Sea, Egypt; A voyage that explores some of the most beautiful kite utopias around the Red Sea. Turquoise…

2 years ago

Julia Castro discovers El Gouna, Egypt and shares her incredible experience! Video by: Loïc Michel