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1 year ago

Lucas Gramstrup and the crew take a ferry to the island of Læsø, the largest island in the North Sea bay of Kattegat, located 19...

2 years ago

Surfskolan Crew's Arild Kristiansen heads to Cold Hawaii Klitmller in Denmark to test out F-ONE's new seven Seas range. Check out his review right here!

2 years ago

Yep, it's happening from the 6th - 11th September 2021 and this time, in the cold unforgiving waters of the North Sea! The GKA Kite...

3 years ago

What better way to start the day! Danish North Kiteboarding rider, Mikkel Hensen, shares a sunrise session from his homespot.

3 years ago

It may be grey and gloomy, but that doesn't stop Danish North team rider Mikkel Hansen from getting a session in!

3 years ago

Watch Stig Hoefnagel and Cohan Van Dijk as they travel through Denmark for the 2020 Cold Hawaii Games — battling gusting winds, cold water and...

3 years ago

13 & 16-year-old Danish riders, Jamie and Sean Overbeek test out Ozone's latest Enduro V3. For more information on Ozone's Enduro V3, please click here.

4 years ago

Mikkel Hansen is usually stoked, but when you combine that with a Red Bull, his friends and a spot he rarely rides... this happens!

7 years ago

This entertaining edit shows two Danish riders finding deserted flat water to kite on! Clearly Denmark has got some hidden gems! This video features the Danish...