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2 years ago

This entertaining edit shows two Danish riders finding deserted flat water to kite on! Clearly Denmark has got some hidden gems! This video features the Danish…

3 years ago

Shot in autumn of 2016, Kite & Sail Exploration combines ocean travel with kitesurfing in Denmark. See Flysurfer Kiteboarding riders Sebastian, Arne & Jannis in action…

3 years ago

Super flat water and plenty of kite loops! These boys are having loads of fun riding in Denmarks biggest kitecamp: Læsø Kitecamp 2016.  You can't…

3 years ago

A stunning summer edit, beautifully shot with awesome slow mo clips. This spot in Denmark looks really similar to Cape Hatteras, perfect flat water conditions!…

3 years ago

The editing in this short film from Germany is on point! We love it when soundtrack & shots are cut so seamlessly together. Join Jan…

4 years ago

Take a look at this atmospheric kitesurf edit, it's full of slow motion shots and angry seas! Definitely one to get you pumped for a…

4 years ago

There's no denying now that christmas is on the way... The Liquid Force team have released this teaser for their upcoming Advent Calendar of kitesurfing.…

4 years ago

Arne Bölts finds some super flat water in Denmark to practice his tricks. The chilled soundtrack and beautiful scenery makes this short well worth a watch.…

7 years ago

Check out the newest rider profile video from Flysurfer International's freestyle teamrider: Dylan van der Meij. An awesome video shot in the Netherlands and Denmark…


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