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3 years ago

Would you jump? Kiteboarding is all about overcoming fear... Will Hannah go big off the BigDayz boat? Watch this!

3 years ago

What a session! Snowkiting up, down, around, and over mountains with the crew at BigDayz!

3 years ago

Would you take a ski or a snowboard out on a snowkite? At Bernina, the BigDayz crew has perfect conditions for all of it -...

10 years ago

The crew keep on coming up with epic trips in stunning locations. Check out their latest kite safari footage with action from a couple...

10 years ago

It's windy outside at last, so if you are planning on a sneaky kite session after work how about getting your head around this trick...

10 years ago

Here's a couple of trick tips for you from the crew at BigDayz in Soma Bay, Egypt. First up they have the Upwind Turn, useful...

10 years ago

This has to be the last snowkite edit of the season, I'm about to dust off my summer wetsuit! The snow keeps on dumping though...

11 years ago

Paula Novotna stepped up her kite game this year, her brother Honza Novotna AKA The HONZANATOR was awaken once more to prove himself worthy in...