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2 years ago

#KitersInIsolation  - This is a real treat for you! In 2017, Airush dropped their new movie featuring some of the best riders on the planet…

3 years ago

Stefan Spiessberger's combined his web series 'Unpolished' into one full-length movie - and it's one for the books - Enjoy!

4 years ago

If you haven't see this yet, check out Nobile's collection - Super sick video to go with it! The last decade at Nobile was marked…

5 years ago

Brand new video from Nobile Kiteboarding: It is no secret that we produce favourite boards for girls. This winter we decided to invite our stars…

5 years ago

The Real Wetsuit Guide in Issue 66 of IKSURFMAG looks at the more important aspects of buying an expensive piece of rubber— things like the fit,…

5 years ago

The World Kiteboarding League has descended on Akyaya, Turkey for the third stop of the 2017 freestyle world tour. On day one, light but contestable…

6 years ago

Oh My Days! This is a real treat for you! Airush have just dropped their new movie for 2017 featuring some of the best riders…

6 years ago

The new season is coming and Nobile want to encourage you to get the most out of your kiteboarding. With the ultimate kitesurfing technology from Nobile…

6 years ago

So this one might be a bit cheesy but one things for sure this couple do a lot of action sports! Enjoy summer vibes with…