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4 weeks ago

In British Colombia, one thing to keep an eye out for are the ROCKS! For a generation of sensitive feet, Liquid Force came up with…

1 month ago

Live vicariously through LFK shredder Antoine Verville as he takes us for a ride in the Squamish pit!

2 years ago

Another amazing kiteboarding edit from Squamish! Iv'e called it Squamish 2.0 as my second summer in this beautiful region of British Colombia. This might be…

3 years ago

Along with kiteboarding there is a lot you can get up to on the Turk's and Caicos Islands! Join the AV Productions team as they kite,…

3 years ago

Make sure you check out this super slick film from Squamish, BC, Canada! The footage is stunning and the soundtrack fits perfectly! From Montreal QC…

3 years ago

There's something about POV kite loops that just looks awesome! Join Antoine Verville as he kite loops, hits sliders and wakeboards in this well thought out…

3 years ago

Believe it or not these kids go to school all over the world and kitesurf with their teachers! Hopefully they realise just how lucky they…

4 years ago

OK, so Jason Blanchard and Antoine Verville have got our attention, how amazing does this spot look in Cuba? Playa El Paso seems to have…

4 years ago

Take a look at this stunning trailer for a kite film set in the Magdalen Islands in Canada. There really are just so many amazing places to…


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