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8 months ago

The first foils in the new Armstrong Performance Series, the Downwind Performance range was specifically developed to race in the SUP downwind division across Hawaii's...

10 months ago

What a way to start the weekend - Sören Cordes shares a sunset sessions in Fehmarn - what a vibe!

11 months ago

Real Watersport's Matt Nuzzo takes us for a wing session at Virginia Beach, and it's a vibe! Happy Saturday!

12 months ago

Tune in with Armstrong Foils founder Armie Armstrong for the top-to-bottom user's guide on how to set up, safely use, pack down and care for...

12 months ago

Once again, Littlehampton delivered - and this time, we got all four seasons. From blazing sunshine to torrential rain, it's safe to say that everyone...

1 year ago

Tune in as Armstrong Foils founder and head of design, Armie Armstrong, breaks down the all-new A-Wing XPS. Whether it's free-flying, wave riding or freestyle,...

1 year ago

Whether it's free-flying, wave riding or freestyle, Armstrong Foils' all-new A-Wing XPS delivers next-generation performance, power and control. Featuring Tatiana Grant, Cash Berzolla, Mateo Ell,...

1 year ago

Armstrong Foil's Performance mast range is a clean-sheet design that takes the Armstrong feeling riders know and love to new heights. Sophisticated engineering and top-shelf...

1 year ago

We're stoked to introduce Armstrong Foils new Performance stabiliser range! The Glide 220, Speed 180 and Dart 140 deliver efficiency, speed and responsiveness to all...