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Introducing Eleveight’s new Stellar Big Air twintip and XS V5 kite!

The Stellar Debuts – Eleveight New Performance Twintip

Made to shatter limits – The new Stellar has limitless boosting potential as a freeride to freestyle board with outstanding performance in Big Air. Our ambition was to create a weapon that’s accessible to mega loopers, as well as for more ambitious riders aiming for the exclusive 30m club!

Groundbreaking materials – Sustainable basalt carbon fibre is uniquely used by Stellar to give dynamic flex and perfect damping. Basalt fibres have significantly higher tensile and compressive strength and stiffness compared to glass fibres. The basalt carbon technology, together with the light Paulownia wood core, contributes to significant increases in smoothness, easy accessibility and dynamic performance!

The Stellar is a light and innovative twintip that has the potential to set world records! Its excellent driving performance is easy to access, but for those who like to chase down storms and go big, it’s capable of rocketing you to the moon! The new Stellar is made for Big Air and is made to push the limits!

“I still can’t believe how light and playful it feels, as well as how easy it is to handle and go upwind. It’s possible to go very, very fast and still make sharp manoeuvres without losing the edge” – Kaimar Halliste, Eleveight Team Rider

XS V5 Kite

Created for the needs of demanding adrenalin junkies, the XS is the ultimate Big Air weapon that’s fast and precise and aims for the moon. Breaking boundaries for height and hangtime, the XS has a direct feel for perfect timing, and it is ready to take off and smash your limits.

The XS is as grunty as it gets, delivering raw power to the most extreme radical moves. For V5 the maximum loop speed has been developed, achieved through a modified arc and angle of attack. This sophisticated delta hybrid design has a high aspect ratio that balances power with ease of handling, allowing adrenaline junkies of all levels to hit full send.

For those that want to be catapulted with forward momentum for powerful megaloops or extended hangtime, the XS is the rocketship of choice.

“The explosive lift rockets me on demand with full control of my mega loops!” – Arthur Guillebert, Eleveight Team Rider

Head over to Eleveight Kites to find out more.

Fri 19th Apr, 2024 @ 12:00 am


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