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15 hours ago | 02:51

Check out what went down at the 2020 Eleveight Dealer's Meeting in Tarifa!

2 weeks ago | 7:38

We've been waiting for this one! After a year filled with more excitement, innovation, and success, Eleveight is back again with their 2020 line up…

2 weeks ago | 02:18

Eleveight has had an exciting year getting the 2020 gear ready - loaded with innovations in raw materials, construction technology and product designs; watch how…

4 weeks ago | 0:56

It was a long wait, but unfortunately, the wind never came through at Playa de Vargas, Gran Canaria! Check out the highlights from the final…

4 weeks ago | 2:39

A last roll of the dice on Final Day at GKA Gran Canaria! On Saturday, the women made it through to the final rounds of…

4 weeks ago | 1:1

Stijn Koster on Eleveights 2020 RS 8m looping in 40 knots (gusting 50+)... can you guess the spot?

4 weeks ago | 3:42

Unfortunately, there is no live stream on for the GKA stop in Gran Canaria, but you can check out all the highlights from Day One…

4 weeks ago | 02:02

We're excited to see what Eleveight has in store for 2020! #WorkInProgress

3 months ago

The event is on hold at the moment, but looking set for possible start early tomorrow! Skipper's meeting is scheduled for 7 am Tuesday 23rd April, with…


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