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Eleveight’s Master C+ is their lightest and most premium carbon performance freeride to freestyle twintip, crammed with innovative features and superior materials. Click here to find out more.

E/8 is Eleveight’s quality trademark. It describes three key parameters that they focus upon to ensure outstanding product quality. E/8 represents their dedication to prime quality, the foundation of all high-performance products.

1. Quality Design

Decades of experience and an extensive Research and Development process is manifested in each of our products. Progressive design in terms of performance, as well as durability, is the backbone of the Eleveight product portfolio.   

2. Prime Materials

Solely highest quality raw materials are selected for manufacturing Eleveight products. In constant collaboration with raw material suppliers, we develop innovative materials to push the limits of performance.

3. Industry-Leading Suppliers

We collaborate closely with industry-leading, certified suppliers that share our passion for highest quality. Suppliers and manufacturers implement our design and follow strict quality control protocols. Each Eleveight product is individually tested and approved.

Find more detailed information on the quality features of our products below. 

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