Custom Designed Ozone Twin Tip

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Custom Designed Ozone Twin Tip

3 Steps to finding your perfect size with Mika Sol!

  • Step 1: Waist circumference
  • Step: 2 To determine your back length, use a measuring tape to measure yourself from the 7th cervical vertebra (it clearly protrudes) down to the iliac crest / pelvic bone. Comparably long backs will be eligible for the tall variant.
  • Step 3: For exact sizing, wear a thin T-Shirt or measure shirtless. Make sure to measure straight down. You may use any measuring tape of your choice.

Once you’ve got your individual numbers, use the ION size chart to see what size is recommended for you.

Please keep in mind that the sizes are advisory only. All harnesses should be tried on in person.

You can order a free measurement set here!

Fri 28th Jul, 2023 @ 9:00 am


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