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Cabrinha just released their 03 FX2 Kite – Air and style are two words synonymous within the board sport industry. Most people develop their skills to achieve one or both of these terms, but to master them both; you need a product that will allow you to get there!

A true crossover kite, the FX2 gives riders the tools to take to the sky in the Big Air realm delivering fast, powerful loops with amazing catch ability. Still, with a change of bridle, they then have a no-compromise freestyle machine that will allow you to push your limits and the boundaries of what you thought possible.

The new Hybrid Frame and HRD Lite materials have further increased the range of the FX2 to allow for an increased low-end range and manoeuvrability in the higher winds and during double loops.

“The FX2 fits perfectly in my quiver as my do it all kite. It’s the perfect combo of freestyle and progressive big air riding. The modern shape provides optimum hangtime combined with great forward drive. With the refinements of the Cabrinha 03 collection. The hybrid frame provides a more direct response which pushes this kite into another level of performance. A simple do it all you’ll want in your board bag.” – Lucas Arsenault

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Sun 29th Jan, 2023 @ 12:00 pm


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