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Mark Shinn talks us through the Shinn Shinnster 2022!

Flat water skate style, small onshore wave playing, no fins, 53 mm fins, 80 mm fins… There are no rules, grab it and do whatever comes to mind. Maintaining the rocker and flex pattern from the original the Shinnster Chromatic is compact and trickable without influencing the critical rail length needed to achieve the powerful upwind and drive it’s famous for.

Our Jet Stream tail channels increase the tail grip whilst using smaller fins to provide a better balance of sliding skate style moves and a more aggressive aerial style. Supplied with 53 mm fins and a 3D shaped deck pad, add 80 mm fins to tune your ride how you like it. The Shinnster Chromatic is not only fun to ride but surprisingly easy to get the best out of too. Don’t confuse this board with other similar-looking concepts out there, this is a high-performance ride that works in a huge array of conditions.

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Thu 7th Jul, 2022 @ 3:00 pm

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