Ride Engine Technical Changing Robe

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Ride Engine Technical Changing Robe

It’s here! Armstrong Foils CF V2s all around user friendliness appeals to both beginners seeking a foundation for progression and experienced riders pushing boundaries. Low stall speeds combined with excellent pitch stability provide control and increased flying time across a variety of foiling sports.

Offered in four sizes from 950 to 2050sq/cm, the CF V2 range truly caters to the full spectrum of rider levels, weights and foiling sports.

For more information on Armstrong Foils CF V2 Range, please click here.

Featuring | Tom Martin , Peter Davis, Carlos Reuss, Mark Hill, Monika Hill,
Blaise Lockie, Harry Rowden, Cam Melville Ives & Kelly Gooch

Filmer / Edit & Stills – Tony Young

Thu 2nd Jun, 2022 @ 3:00 am

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