“Just another wetsuit? – It‘s not the suit; it‘s the Graphene.“ ION just released their fastest drying, most flexible, warmest wetsuit yet with graphene technology.

Ever wondered what graphene is used for? – ION’s graphene wetsuit is the answer.

“After updating our premium wetsuit lines SEEK and AMAZE Select with Graphene inner lining, we can now disclose scenes from our secret research lab. The video gives a glimpse at how the ION scientists develop cutting edge technologies year after year. Two-times wakeboarding world champion @Dominik Gührs was among the first to be introduced to ION‘s latest innovation. Thanks to full Graphene coating, Select wetsuits are the warmest wetsuits we ever made. So to help Dominik and everyone else accomplish any mission – with a wink.”

We set new standards in wetsuit technology using the Nobel prize-winning material graphene as our cutting-edge inner lining for Seek and Amaze Select.

With graphene technology, the coldest water and harshest winds suddenly don’t seem too daunting anymore. Seek & Amaze Select’s graphene_plush consists of fully graphene-coated polyester. Opposed to market standards, that means 100% Graphene coating – don’t settle for less!

What is Graphene?

Graphene is the thinnest and lightest material in the world, pretty much transparent. You can hardly see it, but regardless of that, it’s 200 times more robust than steel, making it extremely durable. Graphene is an allotrope of carbon with highly elastic properties.

Features of the ION Graphene Wetsuit

  • PREMIUM WARMTH – The warmest wetsuit: Graphene is an impossibly light and strong, heat-conducting material. We mixed this revolutionary material into the new inside lining for Seek Select with the highest concentration you can find in any wetsuit – 100% coated with Graphene. The result is the warmest wetsuit ever made – up to 20% more warmth compared to ION‘s Plasma_Plush.
  • FLEXIBILITY – The most flexible wetsuit: The minimal panel design guarantees limitless freedom of movement, making this ION wetsuit the most flexible. “Graphene has no negative impact on the existing outstanding flex—more warmth without compromising flexibility.
  • DRYING TIME – The fastest drying wetsuit: Graphene_Plush guarantees an incredible drying time making sure you‘ve always got it nice and comfy. In addition, this wetsuit dries 1.5 times faster compared to ION’s Plasma Plush 2.0.

Discover the ION graphene wetsuits and the new Select line now right here.

Fri 17th Sep, 2021 @ 3:00 pm

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