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This is too crazy not to share! These guys are taking a beating, and we can certainly respect that! Turn up your volume and hold on for the ride… windsurfer Adam Warchol and a surfer got absolutely smashed at Jaws. There’s a bonus party wave from Kai Lenny and Jason Polakow in there to mix things up!

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OMG!!! That has to be the worst Wipeout I’ve seen at JAWS!!!

19 year old Windsurfer Adam Warchol on his 2nd day ever at sailing JAWS. Dropped into his first wave of the day on a MASSIVE swell (Maui 16th January 2021).

He gets caught deep and then gets absolutely pounded!! …but also check the surfer going over the falls as well!! CRAZY!

Word on the beach is Adam is ok.. but he took the next 3 waves on the head and thought he was going to die!!!

I’ll be honest… I don’t think I would have made it.. scary stuff!!!

Video credit: Damien Girardin – Not sure who the amazing screams are from but they make the clip for me!!

Wed 20th Jan, 2021 @ 3:00 pm


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