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Progression isn’t free! Roepstek has pulled back the curtain to show us the cost of his progression in 2020 with this crash reel. Here’s hoping the lessons yet to be learned in 2021 aren’t too painful!

No crash = No progress, that’s the Motto.

We made a lot of progression this year but also a lot of kite crashes. Kiteboarding is an awesome sport. If you want to learn all the cool tricks, the learning process is almost never without a crash. We like to make fun about our crashes and saved the best for this compilation. Not only our body gets impact but every now and then, the bombproof construction of our Slingshot kites gets a test! This year we made progression in kite loops, front rolls, backrolls, dark slides etc. We didn’t break our bones or our gear this year, so let’s go for another good year! I hope you have as much as fun about our crashes as we have.

Sun 3rd Jan, 2021 @ 3:00 am

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