Do you have a plan for when it all hits the fan? We often see mind-blowing videos of big air kiting in extreme conditions, but not often do we see the reality of being a little out of your depth. Garrick gave us a look at his experience with quick-releasing his kite alone on a beach in 30-40 knots. We applaud the conscious decision-making process of leaving the water at the right time, calmly working through the least risky landing methods, and reflecting on the experience to come up with an improved plan for the next sticky situation that he may find himself in. Thank you for sharing your experience, Garrick!

First of all – I am not a kiteboard instructor and I have no basis to give you advice.
The purpose of this video is to show you what I did in these conditions and to share my learnings with you. I hope you can all take something of value away from this video to help you on your kiteboarding adventures.

Back in Wellington for a quick trip and we managed to score a BIG morning of kiting!

I learned some valuable lessons this day and really got outside my comfort zone.

It’s funny – when you don’t kite in a region for a long time – you forget just how much punchier and stronger the wind is!

The wind was reading 28 knots at the nearby airport and must have been gusting 35 – 40 knots.

I was totally lit on my 8m kite and had 15 mins to see if I could handle the conditions…

I couldn’t have been far off the 15 minute mark only to find my options for landing my kite very limited!

I hope you can learn from a few of my mistakes and also get first-hand POV footage of what it looks like self-landing an 8m kite in these conditions.

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Tue 5th Jan, 2021 @ 3:00 am

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