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‘Green North Orbit Guy’ may just be the most wanted criminal of 2021. While South Africa has been in a Level 3 lockdown with beaches and access to the water closed, this kitesurfer snuck out for a session, dodging police for several hours before eventually disappearing into the night! This epic saga captured the hearts and minds of every kiter in Cape Town, who followed his journey up and down the beach, racing from parking lot to parking lot in their cars, watching from balconies and rooftops, and biting their fingernails while waiting for updates on social media and WhatsApp. Check out the community reactions in this video. Feel free to comment your thoughts below!

This video is not intended to ridicule any particular person or officer. We know the officers are just doing their jobs. Many we talked to in the last week have been very professional and even understanding. The water sports problem is disproportionate, as gyms, casinos restaurants, etc. are open. Forests and promenades are open. Those are some reasons why it seems so absurd. The video shows a bit of that.

This supports the petition “Allow individual water sport participants in South Africa to access the ocean” for all individual water sports enthusiasts currently in South Africa to invite the Government to give us back the right to access the ocean in a disciplined manner adhering to some very simple and standard Covid-19 containment measures.

Cape Town, South Africa, January 2021

Sat 9th Jan, 2021 @ 9:00 am


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