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It’s great to see kiters getting some action close to home. Roepstek is back with the latest episode of Chasing the Stoke, where his first session of 2021 is a loop fest on his Slingshot kite!

“Yes! Our favourite spot in the north is open again! This kite spot was closed due to strengthening and reconstruction of the dikes. But for now, we are allowed to have some awesome kite sessions. This spot never disappoints, it has endless flat water but you have to check the tides before you go out. The temperature was around 5 Celcius, but we were lucky to have a bit of sunshine. The good part of winter kite sessions is that it will never get too crowded.

This session I tried the new Slingshot Sentry v1 Bar and I am very stoked about this new bar. It has all the cool features like auto swivel and a simple depower system, but most important for me is the coating around the trim rope. This bar looks and feels very sustainable!

More kiteboarding session will follow in 2021. Make sure to subscribe if you want to see more videos!”

Sun 24th Jan, 2021 @ 3:00 pm

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