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No matter what your lifestyle is: in winter, we’re inseparable.

Often out of sight but never far away, you’ll probably find me where you left me:
Drying somewhere, hanging in a tree, thrown in your trunk, perfectly stored in your closet…

You try your best to treat me well, or at least that is your intention.
Just a whiff of me sparks memories of our past, as well as dreams of our future.

From the pouring rain, howling wind and freezing water, I protect you.
Between the ocean and you, there is only me.

Without you, I’m no more than a piece of neoprene.
Without me, you would be compelled to spend all winter ashore.

While not as caring as you could be, I still remain your faithful companion.


When you are at sea, nothing is more essential than me.

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Mon 23rd Nov, 2020 @ 6:30 pm

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