It’s finally here! A twintip that brings something new to the table. Built with everything Ocean Rodeo has learned from almost two decades of twintip design and freeride prowess, the Smoothy is a freeride twintip unlike any other!

What Makes The Smoothy So Unique?

The thing that makes the Smoothy stand out from the crowd (and it’s a big crowd) is its shape!

The Smoothy is built with a deep double concave in tandem with precision-made contouring and perimeter flat rails combined with a medium rocker. All this allows the board to give some pop for jumping with the comfort of letting that double concave lock you back into the water.

Each Smoothy Comes Fully Loaded

Bliss Air Pads And Straps

Easily adjusted on the water, the Bliss Air pads & straps are designed to work with all Ocean Rodeo and most other brand’s twin tip kiteboards.

Featuring ultra durable and comfortable dual density EVA foam pads and near infinite strap configuration options, the Bliss Air pad and strap system presents your feet with the perfect balance of comfort and control when riding.

Click here to visit the Bliss air page for more information

Groove 155 Fins

Carve harder, go fasters, stay in control.
Made of high grade, durable polycarbonate, the Groove 155 features a precision shaped groove runs lengthways along with the foil, diverting air pockets before they reach the fin tip.

For more information on the Smoothy, please click here.

Sun 26th May, 2019 @ 6:00 pm

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