With a complete redesign, The WOW v4 should be on all you wave seekers and strapless freestyle riders out there! This kite lets you focus on pulling the next move, making unmakeable sections, and placing yourself perfectly in the pocket!

Our goals for the WOW v4 was to improve response from the bar, increase turning speed, and tighten the axis point radius of the turning arc while retaining the superior slack line drift the WOW has always been known for. To accomplish this, our design change started with an exploration of a completely new profile and shape. After countless hours of computer-aided design, numerous prototypes and months of testing, we have arrived at a new profile arc and a new “boxey” shape that meet all of our design goals. Increased bar response improves the intuitive feel, rapid pivotal turning axis lets you precisely place the kite where you want it and the smooth power delivery can easily be dumped on demand to handle erratic and gusty wind or to grant complete depower for surfing without the power of the kite.

Tue 18th Dec, 2018 @ 12:00 pm

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