The first year of Eleveight has been exhilarating and the positive feedback from the kite community has been overwhelming.

Eleveight’s slogan, “Our Passion is Yours” has been proven true, as we received a lot of passion, dedication and experience back from our customers and partners. This trust and positive response have been a great motivation for our 2019 product development and operations.

Here we are. The 2019 Eleveight products are now ready with many exciting innovations in raw materials, construction technology and product designs.

Our focus is on pure perfection in everything we do.

Eleveight 2019 Kites

WS Series – Wave Freeride Series

The WSeries is a true wave kite. It is a very light but tough three strut kite with a four-line Open-C Hybrid design matched with a medium aspect ratio. We centred its turning axis on creating its distinctive pivotal turn. The WS easily whips around in a narrow circle without ripping you off the board. The bar pressure is light while the steering is precise and direct. That allows you to concentrate on the wave fully.

The WS is made to drift. You can park it at the edge of the wind window, ride the wave and even overtake without worrying that it will fall from the sky. That feature came in handy when Nuno Stru used the WS to set the official world record for the biggest wave ever ridden with a kite.

The power generation is very smooth and also favoured by freeriders and foil riders. It covers a huge wind range and smoothly rides upwind. As it has to withstand being washed, we constructed it super sturdy and used solely highest quality materials such as the new X4 Ripstop canopy made by Techno Force™ from Japan and the new Teijin Dacron with a high-temperature resin finish.

The WS is a kite for surf experts and those seeking to become one.


  • Three struts Open-C Hybrid design
  • Medium aspect ratio
  • Rapid and direct pivot turning characteristics
  • Stable downwind drift
  • Absorbs gusts and provides control in light winds
  • Light bar pressure for single hand control
  • Exceptional control of power and steering
  • New X4 Ripstop canopy made by Techno Force™

The WS is an extension of thoughts. It allows you to be in the rhythm with each section of a wave. It does what you need; it is addictive.

For more information on Eleveights WS Series, please click here.

FS Series – Freestyle Freeride Series

The FS series is a high-performance kite addressed to advanced riders that seek the thrill of radical freestyle tricks and staggering big airs. The four-line Open-C design is paired with a high aspect ratio, low sweep, and short bridles. Loaded up, it generates a massive pop followed by plenty of line slack and travel. Hooked-in, riders will experience an explosive lift.

By shifting the turning axis towards the wingtips, we achieved the perfect balance between turning speed and power development. The FS’ piloting is swift and direct but unleashes raw energy in loops. Even with the focus on performance and radical manoeuvres, the FS does not lack in riding comfort. On the contrary, the kite covers a huge wind range, smoothly rides upwind and cushions gusts.

High quality is our obligation. The FS is constructed using solely prime grade materials such as the new X4 Ripstop canopy made by Techno Force™ from Japan and the new Teijin Dacron with high-temperature resin finish, resulting in enhanced durability and performance.

The FS is a true performance powerhouse made to boost your adrenaline and skills to the next level.


  • Five struts Open-C design
  • High aspect ratio
  • Fast and powerful turning characteristics
  • Plenty of line-slack for freestyle tricks
  • Kite for big airs and extreme loops
  • Excellent upwind performance and high stability
  • New X4 Ripstop canopy made by Techno Force™
  • Light wind sizes (14 & 16 m) are equipped with 3 m extensions

The FS series is designed for high performance. It is very well balanced and delivers, no matter if you are into new Freestyle tricks or big kite loops.

For more information on Eleveights FS Series, please click here.

RS Series – Crossover Freeride Series

Tame any storm, ride any spot and excel in any style – the RSeries is the one kite to stand out in every situation truly. It is our most versatile wing. The RS is a four-line Delta-Hybrid kite with a medium to high aspect ratio. Hence it has a strong grunt, an incredible Big Air performance and covers a massive wind range. A two kite quiver is usually enough to cover almost all condition.

We designed its turning axis to sit on the shoulder to balance tip and pivotal turning characteristics. Therefore, in the surf, you can whip it around in a tight loop to support your next hack into the lip, in Big Airs you can loop it in a wider circle to get that explosive forward momentum. Whatever style you choose, the RS’ responsive and precise steering supports your riding.

Due to the massive lift and long hangtime, the RS is a favourite for riders that want to go big. It is also a very easy kite that handles gusts, pulls you upwind and relaunches with ease. Highest quality materials such as the new X4 Ripstop canopy made by Techno Force™  and the high-temperature resin finish used in Teijin Dacron from Japan make it last and last and last.

The RS will be your best companion at every spot and in any condition.


  • Three-strut Delta-Hybrid shape
  • Ultra-versatile high-performance kite
  • Medium to a high aspect ratio
  • Quick and smooth turning
  • Made for Big Air and extended hang time
  • Great upwind performance and wind range
  • New X4 Ripstop canopy made by Techno Force™
  • Light wind sizes (14 & 17m) equipped with 3 m extensions

We designed the RSeries to deliver the highest performance for a broad variety of weather conditions and riding styles. The kite adapts to anything you throw at it.

For more information on Eleveights RS Series, please click here.

PS Series – Progression Freeride Series

The PS was designed to support the progression of newcomers and to offer a heavy duty kite to schools and those in need. Hence the kite is very easy to control – no matter the conditions. In collaboration with many kite schools all around the world, we were able to optimise the strategic placement of Dacron material, tremendously improving the durability of the kite. It handles massive crashes while providing obtainable power and performance. As we aim to make kiteboarding accessible to a broader audience, we offer the PS to a well-balanced price point without compromising the kite’s quality. We only use the highest quality materials such as Techno Force™ D2 canopy and implement our innovative features like the pull-in-bridle-system that diminishes the risk of line tangle.

For the PS V2, we optimised the wingtip design which increases its turning speed while keeping the flying characteristics smooth and controllable. We made relaunching the kite even easier as the kites silhouette automatically wants to come out of the water. The delta shape is ultra stable and provides excellent lift and power when sheeting in the bar. Going for the first jumps feels more natural – the PS smoothly elevates you before the fantastic hang time kicks in which slowly brings you back down. Even intermediate riders will have huge learning achievements as tricks become a piece of cake.

We managed to reduce the kite’s weight, which adds to the agility and low-end performance. The new 14-meter size was added to the line up to fully cover the wind range, from raging storm to feeble breeze. The PSeries is heaps of fun to ride in all conditions and will boost the progression of newcomers and intermediates. It is sturdy, versatile and easy to handle.

We are proud that this kite will stoke the passion of the next generation of riders!


  • Three strut Delta design
  • Low to medium aspect ratio
  • Moderate and smooth turning speed
  • Grunty power. Sheet in to ride
  • Ultra-stable flying characteristics
  • Automatic relaunch
  • Innovative tangle free bridle setup
  • Additional leading edge reinforcements for wear and tear protection

The PS is designed to learn kiteboarding as safe and fast as possible. It is a sophisticated design, primarily targeting the easy access for beginners and the needs of kite schools.

For more information on Eleveights PS Series, please click here.

Eleveight 2019 Boards

Master – Performance Freestyle

We proudly present a new beast of a twin tip: The Master. This board is easy to access and will provide joy and fun the second you hit the water. But be aware, even if the Master is a fun ride for riders of all levels, it is a real performance shred stick. Innovative design and high-quality materials make it the best choice for radical, unforgiving freestyle moves. To indeed tease out its potential, you have to ride this board hard. Slam it into the water, pop it with all you have got and it will spit you into freighting heights. The Master is made for freestyle riders who don’t want to limit themselves.

To give you some tech insides: Franz Schitzhofer designed the board in Austria. It is crammed with state-of-the-art technologies and the latest materials, such as heavy-duty block plywood inserts that allow you do choose between straps and boots. The Master combines a super light Paulownia wood core with strong 330 g carbon reinforcements. A 3D shape produces the needed combination of stiffness and flex – a pattern that generates big boosts while reducing torsional flex.

Special attention was paid to create the perfect rebound that shows when you pop or land in the flat. And to further support your knees and pop, Franz designed a  multi-stage rocker that also mows through chop. Sophisticated channel design and rail steps provide plenty of grips – the included G10 fins enhance the grip even further and make it easy to lock in even sketchy landings.

No matter if going for a joyful cruise or a radical freestyle sesh – the Master has got your back.


  • Performance freestyle twin tip
  • 3D shaped Paulownia wood core for an outstanding flex pattern
  • Carbon reinforcements reducing torsional flex and creating balanced rebound
  • Rail steps and multi-channels for control and speed
  • Multi-stage rocker for better pop and smooth landings
  • Heavy duty block plywood inserts
  • Ultra-durable top sheet with UV resistance
  • 45mm G10 fins

The Eleveight Master is the last stage of a 15-year development process – a masterpiece I’m proud of. That’s it – That’s all!

For more information on Eleveights Master twintip board, please click here.

Process – Performance Freeride

Cutting through chop, cushioning heavy landings and natural upwind performance are only a few of the attributes that make the Process board stand out. It also comes with early planning and great pop. Board designer Franz Schitzhofer provided this freeride board with elaborate features that all work together to deliver one feeling: fun!

To achieve this, Franz came up with a revolutionary 3D concept. He developed a Paulownia wood core that is fused with 50 mm of carbon reinforcements. This creates a well-balanced flex pattern. In choppy waters and when landing in the flat, the flex absorbs the impact and protects the knees. Smooth 3D channels at the tips of the board combined with the box rails offer plenty of grip and control without generating drag. A harmonised rocker line for early planning makes it easy to ride in a light breeze or going upwind.

We equipped the board with the most robust inserts on the market that are commonly used in snowboard construction. The top sheet is ultra durable and UV resistance, ensuring that the board will last for years.
The board is shipped with high-quality pads and straps for ultimate control and comfort. Furthermore, the Process comes with 45 mm G10 fins that are tough and provide enhanced control.

In short, the Process allows the rider to concentrate on what counts in kiting – FUN!


  • Performance freeride twin tip
  • Lightweight paulownia wood core for balanced flex and control
  • 50 mm Carbon reinforcement for smooth landings and better carving
  • Harmonised rocker line for early planing
  • Progressive channel design for superb grip and control
  • Reinforced inserts used in snowboard construction
  • Ultra-durable top sheet with UV resistance
  • 45mm G10 fins

The Process – concentrate on what counts in kiting – FUN!

For more information on Eleveights Process twintip board, please click here.

Eleveight 2019 Surfboards

Escape – Freestyle Surfboard

The Escape reflects the need for a new generation of strapless freestyle. The no-nose shape together with the moderate entry rocker provides plenty of lift on the water as well as in the air. The shorter parallel rail line optimises swing weight, ideal for high rotations and minimises drag and helps with early planning.

The thruster fin set optimises grip in carves, snaps or after sketchy landings. Channels in nose and tail support grip and speed, providing control during tricks and manoeuvre. In the surf, the Escape performs excellently in small to medium waves.

Using carbon stringers, Integra/Carbon vector net reinforcements and the Futures fin box system makes these boards durable and keeps them ultra-high performing.

The Escape is hand shaped in Portugal and does not have inserts for straps.


  • Modern no-nose shape for strapless freestyle and snappy turns
  • The short rail line to minimise drag and optimise swing weight
  • Thruster fin set up with Futures box
  • Medium density foam for a balanced ratio of high performance and maximum durability
  • Integra/Carbon Vector grid reinforcements for enhanced durability
  • Carbon stringer for responsive flex
  • Hand shaped high-performance board (no inserts for straps)
  • Ideal for strapless freestyle and small to medium waves

The Escape’s shape, design, and construction are state-of-the-art. Ride it, and you know what we mean – it has an outstanding performance in strapless freestyle conditions and wave riding.

For more information on Eleveights Escape surfboard, please click here.

Curl – Performance Surfboard

The Curl is a high-performance surfboard ideal for stable wave conditions. It is a hand-shaped board for advanced riders without inserts for straps. The thin rail profile together with the harmonic outline gives you an excellent rail to rail performance.

The bottom shape has a single concave running all the way through providing the board with grip and drive. The rocker line with a nice tail kick makes every top turn an explosion. Using carbon stringers, Integra/Carbon vector net reinforcements and the Futures fin box system makes these boards durable and keeps them ultra-high performing.

The Curl is shaped in Portugal. It is the best surfboard you will ride.


  • Modern shortboard shape for quick turns
  • The single concave makes this board extremely fast
  • Thruster fin set up with Futures box
  • Medium density foam for a balanced ratio of high performance and maximum durability
  • Integra/Carbon Vector grid reinforcements for enhanced durability
  • Carbon stringer for responsive flex
  • Hand shaped high-performance board (no inserts for straps)
  • Ideal wave size medium to big

The Curl was designed with a clear aim – a kitesurf board that comes with enhanced durability while delivering excellent flex and performance.

For more information on Eleveights Curl surfboard, please click here.

Eleveight 2019 Bar

CS Vary Bar – Vary Bar Control Series

The CSeries VARY bar is our latest control system, compatible with all Eleveight kites and most other four line wings on the market. Several innovative performance features are packed into a clean, functional design. Integrated bar ends to enable the rider to change the bar stick’s width by 8 cm in only seconds. They also give easy access to the backline adjustment.

The reduced diameter bar stick is covered with an anti-slip EVA thermo-foam, making the bar ultra-comfortable while ensuring perfect handling in any trick. The bar comes with the most innovative safety system on the market: the Quick-Matic release. With an activation pressure of 6kg at 200kg load, the Quick-Matic system is compliant to the French Norm. The release activates the single front line safety, meaning that the kite will flag out on a single front line, gently falling from the sky.

To assemble the Quick-Matic, click the chicken loop back into the system. No need to fiddle with the cuff. The new 5 mm depower line can be customised in length and works with the original clam cleat. All metal parts are made of 316 Marine grade stainless steel and our high-performance thermo-coated lines are produced in Germany. The bar is shipped with a bar bag and a short leash, ideal for surfing or freeriding.


  • Four line bar with single front line safety
  • Innovative Quick-Matic release system with top swivel
  • Reduced diameter bar stick for enhanced comfort
  • Variable integrated bar ends to adjust bar width
  • Ergonomic anti-slip EVA grip pattern for comfort and control
  • Compliant with French norm safety standard
  • Thermo-coated high-performance lines made in Germany
  • Short safety leash included

We paid particular attention to keep the product design of the CS Vary bar slick and functional while integrating new features, allowing the rider to concentrate on riding fully.

For more information on Eleveights CS Vary Bar, please click here.

For more information on Eleveight products, please click here.

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