Jesse Richman Rules the Air at 2018 GKA Air Games in Tarifa

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July 1, 2018, Tarifa, Spain – Jesse Richman rules the skies, taking first place in the GKA World Tour Air Games at the Jeep Tarifa Pro. Displaying pro-level control, Richman wow-ed the judges with clean, impressive tricks with his Naish Torch kite and Stomp twin tip.

After the sixth and final day waiting for wind at the Jeep Tarifa Pro, the GKA (Global Kitesports Association) Air Games was in full swing. Anticipation had clearly been building as riders unleashed the full force of their pent-up energy into increasingly skillful moves.

Riders were required to complete tricks in three categories: big air (which could include board-offs), handle-passes and kite loops. The competition was clearly tuned and ready, seeing tricks pulled off at awing heights with striking power. Relying on the pure power and precision control of the Stomp and Torch (his pro performance freestyle kite and the kite he’s taken to podium several times at the Red Bull King of the Air), Jesse was equipped with the confidence to dominate.

After battling through several rounds, Richman claimed victory over Posito Martinez as the clear winner with his fresh moves and skilled poise. Clearly, the experience was a key factor here, as the pro rider was able to focus in, pulling off bigger and more precise moves with each attempt.

Delivering an exhilarating show for spectators throughout the event, Richman set the bar high in “wow factor”. We eagerly await to see what new feats are in store for the next event.

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Sun 8th Jul, 2018 @ 3:00 pm


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