bstoked is an online booking website that serves to take the pain out of planning your next extreme sports vacation. bstoked is looking to expand its kiteboarding experience and accommodation offerings and it’s looking for help! To enter the competition, choose the kiteboarding experiences that you find most appealing and be entered to win up to $1000 in travel vouchers! Find out more from bstoked, below. You can enter the competition HERE!

Booking platform bstoked is having great success and acceptance among kitesurfers, allowing everyone to easily host and join unique kitesurfing adventures or offer specialised accommodation for kitesurfers around the world.

We are now announcing an open competition for our new offers, including some of the most unique kitesurfing experiences and accommodations worldwide, experiences that have been designed by tour operators and experienced local kiters.

The global kitesurfing community is now invited to vote for the best experiences, and the ones with enough support will be offered on bstoked. Everyone who votes will have the chance to win trip vouchers. We’re giving away one voucher for $1000 and ten for $100. Enter now to join your favorite kitesurfing adventure.

Vote for your favorite kitesurfing experiences and win trip vouchers here.

The idea behind this competition is to stimulate experienced kitesurfers to design new, unique kitesurfing experiences and to offer specialised accommodation at the best kiteboarding spots so that traveling kitesurfers can discover amazing new locations around the world and stay with insiders, making each trip safer and more fun.

bstoked wants to steer riders away from the overcrowded, standard spots where they often remain detached from the local kitesurfing community. Instead, we are creating a community that will enable the sharing of kitesurfing experiences, accommodation, resources and local knowledge between riders. We believe that this will allow kiters to visit a kitesurfing scene as an insider, discover lesser known spots, and enjoy riding with locals. It’s the perfect recipe to make friends, discover new places, and get stoked on the water.

As part of the competition, select from amazing kitesurfing experiences ranging from tours, camps, and downwinders along with spot guidance and courses, located all over the world. Now, the global kitesurfing community can decide which experiences they like most and set new trends for kitesurfing travel. The public will get the chance to join the most successful experiences through soon after voting closes.

Access voting page.

The voting closes on 31th December 2017!

About bstoked
bstoked is a community marketplace and booking platform that offers unique action sports adventures and provides crucial sports and travel information. This makes action sports in epic locations worldwide more accessible to everyone. We minimize the planning, cost and risk while optimizing the travel and sports experience on many levels. We are a startup that has been online since 2015 and are now gradually expanding from kitesurfing into paragliding and other sports.

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