Crystal Vaness finds out about Colleen Carroll’s journey into kiteboarding, and just how much hard work it takes to make it happen in the kiteboarding industry- even today.

A kiteboarding television show? Chasing the Dream is one part travel TV show, one part Vlog, and one part useful information. New episodes every Thursday! Follow Crystal as she explores the best kiteboarding locations in the world, interviews the top riders, and learns all there is to know about kiteboarding subculture. This is entertainment with a purpose. Along the way, we’ll be doing shorter episodes to answer some of the more common kiteboarding questions. In this episode, Crystal meets with one of kiteboardings hardest working riders, Colleen Carroll. She tells how she got her start in kiteboarding, what she is up to now and breaks down the 2018 North kiteboarding line up.

Learn more about Crystal here: Website: Instagram: @crystalintl

Wed 30th Aug, 2017 @ 9:00 am

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