Check out North’s next strapless instructional, a must see! The Pop Shove it is an Ollie with a 180 board spin, landing fins first.

The movement of the kite is the same as a regular Ollie, just with more speed to generate some decent lift.

Let’s take a closer look.

Place your hands at the center of the bar and step back to the tail of the board. Steer the kite up and carve the board upwind to prepare to Ollie.

Kick down on the tail of the board to pop and shift your bodyweight from your heels to your toes. This will lift the heel-side rail which will ensure total control throughout the move.

As you pop the board, quickly bend your front knee to allow the nose of the board to come up and out of the water.

Once the board is airborne, use your back foot to kick the tail up and into wind, whilst simultaneously pushing with your front foot to bring the nose of the board down and downwind.

Pull down on the bar for some extra lift if needed, and steer the kite back down as you come into land. Try to touch the board with your feet before landing for better control.

Land on the nose of the board first, shifting your weight onto the back foot which will keep the fins out of the water. Use your front foot to push the tail downwind which will keep the board straight.

To switch the board back, flatten it off and shift your weight onto your front foot, this will initiate the rotation.

Let`s remember the key elements:

Shift the weight onto your toes when popping the board.
Kick the tail windward and the nose downwind right after the board has left the water
Kick the tail up and into wind whilst pushing with your front foot to bring the nose of the board down and downwind
Try to touch the board before the landing to regain control
Land on the nose first with more weight on your back foot

Enjoy your strapless ride with North Kiteboarding Academy

Thu 15th Jun, 2017 @ 9:00 am


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