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Need a board that gets you out riding while others watch & wait from the beach? The Slingshot Glide could be for you!

The Glide is our dedicated light-wind kiteboarding board designed to get you out and riding, and having a blast doing it, while others sit on the beach waiting for the wind to come up. Staying true to the expression “Throw it don’t mow it,” the Glide’s long, slender outline, block rail profile and mild rocker combine for a feel closer to a standard twin-tip than the barn door that many wider light wind boards resemble. Offered in 149cm and 159cm lengths, the Glide’s extra surface area will, as the name suggests, get you up and kiteboarding across the water with significantly less wind than a standard twin tip.

• Dedicated light-wind kiteboarding session saver
• Freestyle-friendly, surprisingly agile
• Gets you riding while others watch and wait
• Lively wood-core construction
• Long, slender shape performs like a standard twin-tip

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Wed 28th Dec, 2016 @ 9:00 pm


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