The small town of Cabarete in the Dominican Republic is ready to host the first event of the World Kiteboarding League tour. Registration will take place July 12th, 2016 with the competition window running through July 17th. Read the press release from the World Kiteboarding League, below.

After much work and dedication, the World Kiteboarding League is pleased to announce that the first event of the year will be held from the 12th to the 17th of July in Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

Through the dedication of the KRU rider’s union, and with the event being supported and organized by MaiTai Global, it is certain that this stop will be an incredible event and an important mark in the start of the new World Tour, created and supported by the riders, for the riders.

There will be many changes brought in for this season, perhaps the most notable one will be a change in the competition system, that will provide the spectators with more entertainment, and will enable the riders to be more competitive.

Get ready for some intense action and be sure to tune in to our Facebook page, Instagram and website in order to follow all the updates, scoring and ranking throughout the event.

Registration will be taking place on the 12th of July, with the main event commencing on the 13th of July.  With more than 10 female riders and over 30 male riders already registered for the event, this will undoubtedly be a week of full freestyle action. Expect to see all the top riders present, including Liam Whaley, Carlos Mario, Youri Zoon, Alex Pastor, Bruna Kajiya, Paula Novotna and many more!

The World Kiteboarding League would like to thank the public for their support, and particularly the riders for coming together and creating a World Tour with only winners!

Sat 2nd Jul, 2016 @ 9:00 pm

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