OK so it seems like these guys didn’t get the memo about windsurfing being cancelled. We’ve got to say this is seriously impressive stuff, it’s hard enough to kite with a foil, we can only imagine what it is like to throw a massive backroll on a windsurfer with a huge wing attached to it!

Foil and board by HORUE.
These products are amazing, go check out their stuff and buy the best hydrofoils.

Protection equipment by Forward Wip: http://www.forward-wip.com
Eyewear by Bomber Eyewear: http://www.bombereyewear.com/

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Music license from UPPM (http://www.unippm.fr/)


Website: http://www.horuemovieproduction.fr/

Sat 26th Mar, 2016 @ 12:00 pm

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