15 minutes and 50 seconds of hang time! What?! Ok so the video does get a little tedious after a while but it’s definitely impressive! As always…don’t try this at home kids!

Raw video from my longest jump on inflatable, non modified, production kite using the updraft on the cliff. I am flying 17m Crazyfly Cruze with about 20 knots wind and waist Dakine Pyro harness.
If you know about longer flight, please post link in comments and I will change the title of this video.
No need to say that this is dangerous, kites are not made for this type of flying so don’t try this!
Thanks to Pro kite school Aruba, Crazyfly, Meatfly, Dakine for gear and Darius Amini for filming.

Tue 24th Nov, 2015 @ 12:00 pm

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