We love spotting riders who totally charge  like Sergei Borisov. The only reason you don’t know him already is because he’s one of the new group of progressive kiters coming out of the old Soviet Block. If he was Euro based you can be sure everyone would know his name already. He has a huge book of tricks, from high powered, low altitude wakestyle monsters to old fashioned big airs that scrape the sky.

Filmed back in October Sergei takes to the water after the R|ussian Championships to throw down for his sponsors. With his dad on tap to shoot the video he made the best of the cold weather and average wind to bust some serious moves.

Slingshot | G-Shock

Camera: Vladimir Borisov

Edit: Sergei Borisov

Music: Broken Bells – The Ghost Inside

p.s. big thanx my girlfriend, for her help in shooting:) And thanx to my sponsors for support!

Mon 22nd Dec, 2014 @ 10:01 am

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