Set of Quobba Fins

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Set of Quobba Fins

Did we ever mention that Dimitri was Greek? Ah, ok you knew already of course you did, everyone does. How could you not know where the hardest working man in kite-surfing hails from. What you might not know though is that Epic Kites have just released a strictly limited edition Screamer which will only be available on the Greek market. Ok so you might not live in Greece and might not give a damn but it does mean that we get to you show you another 3 minutes of Dimitri going off in his home spot of Paros, Greece.

Riders..Dimitri Maramanides (owner Epic Kites), Jeroen Tump (Graphic designer for Epic Kites), Marc Rowley (UK distributor for Epic Kites)

Sun 12th Oct, 2014 @ 10:00 am


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