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2 years ago | 3:23

#wipeoutwednesday! Some clips you won't have seen before in here. The first on is brutal. Special tribute to a kiter that is always pushing the…

4 years ago | 10:07

Take a look at this stylish edit from Epic Kites of the Renegade 13 LTD 5G. All set in stunning locations on blue sky days you'll see everything…

4 years ago | 06:06

So this trick has the most complicated name ever! Have any of you tried it? Looks pretty cool if you can get your head around…

4 years ago

The biggest kite jumps in the world, or just captured with wide angle lenses? You decide. One thing is for sure though there are few…

4 years ago | 03:39

Dimitri is back, and he's back with another crazy edit jam packed with the epic kitesurfing tricks that we've come to love and expect from…

5 years ago | 06:34

Dimitri Maramenides taking the bull by the horns. This is pretty much a 'best of' Xmas card from Dimitri and Epic Kites, there's some great…

5 years ago | 03:43

There might just be a good reason to love the light wind days, especially if you've already bought into the SUP craze. Even Dimitri, who's…

5 years ago | 11:50

Epic gets agitated with their Junior Pro 4 and 8m kites. If you're looking for a suitable kite for your kids to use, that you…

5 years ago | 06:42

Dimitri gets the gang together and heads off for a week in Paros to work on the Ltd Edition Epic Screamer and a host of…


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