Become envious. The Liquid Force Envy has been one of the mainstays of their line up for the past six seasons. It’s a true all-terrain kite built on a tri-strut platform with low profile struts and leading edge it slices through the wind delivering effortless upwind ability to experienced riders and beginners alike. Trimmed of all the fat the 2015 Envy weighs in 25% lighter than last years kite due to the application of new high strength materials in key areas. Refinement to the planform and canopy shaping have delivered improvements in turning speed and overall handling with a crisper feel and the performance that you’d expect from a low-profile, pulley free bridle design. Finished off with a touch more sweep in the wingtips the Envy is easier to relaunch than ever before, helping you to push yourself further than you’d expect.

Thu 18th Sep, 2014 @ 6:00 pm

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