Kitesurfing Reviews - Zeeko Notus 9m 2013
Kitesurfing Reviews - Zeeko Notus 9m 2013
Zeeko Notus

Zeeko was set up by Nicolas Caillou who was one of the original designers at Takoon when they developed the Nova. He went on to become the manager for the brand until 2008 when he left to set up Zeeko. Since then the new brand has been quietly churning out products that Nico himself wants to use and they have...

6 years ago

It's back to school for all you youngsters! That didn't stop Tom Seager from a getting a few last session in! Some Go Pro footage...

7 years ago

Alexandre Campet presents this soulful edit, complete with variety, beautiful scenery and a glimpse into van life. Take a look! Our trip in Sardinia was...

7 years ago

Learning to foil? This is an honest guide to nailing the gybe and tackling shallower water. Well worth a look for those of you looking...

7 years ago

More rather hilarious waterski kitesurfing action! This time it is Alex Campet having a go. We really don't think this is going to catch on...

7 years ago

Check out this film of an amazing kitetrip from France to the Canary Islands with a campervan! That is a hell of a long drive (and ferry trip)...

7 years ago

Alex Campet and his partner travel in South Spain looking for an adventure. Check out their fun filled edit as they explore in their van...

8 years ago

As challenges go, this one is pretty legit! Check out Gunnar Biniasch going for the most amount of foiling 360's possible, if only Noris McWurter...

8 years ago

We are loving these hydrofoil edits here at the mag, so much creativity coming through in each one! Gunnar Biniasch is looking pretty dialled in...

8 years ago

Check out Gunnar Biniasch defying the laws of physics in Furteventura, hydrofoiling 360's for days! Foiling 360s are super fun. What is more fun is to...

9 years ago

Imagine doing 30 knots whilst 3 foot above the water and alongside 20 other razor sharp foils! That's exactly what the guys and girls who...

Issue 57

More images with no particular place to go this issue!

8 years ago
Issue 40

We step away from the big brands to check out some of the offerings from the smaller brands in the industry, 4 very interesting kites on test!

11 years ago

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