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1 week ago

The weekend has arrived, who is ready to RIDE? 💥


📸 Klaus Heinzler | Matthias Larsen Kiteboarding

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3 weeks ago

Vrinda Hamal getting some air in Bonaire! 💦

Where are you going to fly this weekend?

📸 Israel Gil

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2 months ago

Gabrielė Pioraitė and her new Imperator 6 😍


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3 months ago

Send it Sundays 💥

Did you #GOKITING this weekend??

📸 Manel Arpa | Eric Pyd

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3 months ago

Marius Hoppe scoring sunny days in Tenerife ☀️


📸 RafaSoulart

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4 months ago

Who’s ready for the weekend?! 💥


🏄🏻‍♂️ Guillermo Gonzalez

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4 months ago

Sabrina Lima on her way to the beach 🌊

📸 Tiago Giordani

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5 months ago

Start your day off with a 💥

#GoKiting #CarvedCustoms

📸 Fotostica | Alina Kornelli - Kiteboarding

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6 months ago

Hay Katz floating and flying around in Cape Town💥

#CarvedCustoms #GoKiting

📸 Thomas Burblies

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6 months ago

Sunsets in Brazil are pretty magical 😍

📸 Willow-River Tonkin

Carved Customs - Handcrafted on Fehmarn/Germany. Unbeaten in style, riding experience and durability. If you can get one in your hands, ride it!
CARVED custom kiteboards / Performance • Progress • Personality
Company overview
CARVED steht seit 2001 für aussergewöhnliche Kiteboards "made in Germany". Wir bauen Dir Dein Kiteboard, so wie Du es brauchst. Dafür verwenden wir eine Fertigungstechnik, die unerreicht ist und uns erlaubt, die leichtesten und zugleich stabilsten kiteboards zu bauen.

CARVED stands for impressive kiteboards "made in Germany" since 2001. We build your kiteboard to fit your needs 100%. Our product technology is unmatched - this allows us to build the lightest and most robust kiteboards worldwide.

+49 4371 879334-0

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Kitesurfing Reviews - Carved Imperator Lightwind 145 x 44cm 2015
Kitesurfing Reviews - Carved Imperator Lightwind 145 x 44cm 2015
Carved Imperator Lightwind

Carved are a very high end custom board manufacturer from Germany, they’ve been making exceedingly light and fast boards for some time on a bespoke basis for their large customer base. Now though they are making limited production runs of some of their most popular shapes and sizes. They make two lightwind boards, a larger 151x45 and this smaller 145x44.…

Kitesurfing Reviews - Carved Tantrum V Custom 136 x 41.5cm 2015
Kitesurfing Reviews - Carved Tantrum V Custom 136 x 41.5cm 2015
Carved Tantrum V Custom

Carved have produce an array of custom kite boards, they also manufacture some stock shapes to order, the Tantrum V (five) is one of them! Unwrapping this board gave us something to get excited about. The first thing we noticed was the deep shine of the CARTAN® carbon, not to forget the precision and high standard in which the board…

5 months ago | 7:1

Jordan Hurst sums up his 3 months adventures travelling around the Virgin Island into 7 epic minutes! Kiteboarding, Free Diving, Helicopter Rides, Dirt Biking the list…

8 months ago | 0:56

This is NUTS! Joshua Emanuel scored a rare south windstorm in Ras Sudr, Egypt. With winds gusting up to 40 knots, Joshua grabbed his 9m…

1 year ago | 01:17

Want to do megaloops like this one? Then the brand new GTS5 may be for you. Check it out! Move over, Megaloop Champ. The GTS5…

1 year ago | 4:8

There is always more than one way to pull a trick. In this episode Ben shows you 5 different ways to do a frontroll to…

1 year ago | 3:26

The tack comes in handy if you need to turn fast and on point. Here Ben Beholz shows you how to do a regular tack…

1 year ago | 0:56

This is NUTS! Last week we saw his POV edit from this massive pier jump, watch the full thing now! Awesome stuff from Joshua Emanuel.…

1 year ago | 4:55

After you start to nail your freestyle tricks safely, start adding grabs to it. A Grab adds to every trick way more style and makes…

1 year ago | 0:25

This pier jump is MASSIVE! Not only does Joshua Emanuel send it over this pier he also does a megaloop backroll in the process. Inspired!…

1 year ago | 3:46

After buying your own directional surfboard, the first maneuver you should learn is the footswitch (gybe). Switching your feet after a gybe can be pretty…

1 year ago | 3:32

In freestyle the kite position is the key to land tricks safely. In this episode I've put some tips together that might help you to…

1 year ago | 7:40

Interesting story this one! Everyone survived. This has to be one of those moments when I thought I was going to die. My legs were…

1 year ago | 2:7

Santa Veronica is one of the best kitesurf wave riding spot in Colombia, check this out ! Music: SUBSCRIBE to follow my youtube chanel evolution…

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