Triple S Day 3 With Brandon Scheid

Pretty impressive list of names right there...

Pretty impressive list of names right there…

Day three started with a riders meeting at 9 am to see the potential for running the finals of sliders and organising the slicks first rounds.  After a short meeting and some breakfast the park was setup and it was up to the girls to show everyone how its done.  Only getting two runs, you either had to throw down or go home, luckily all the girls brought their A game. Lots of big front rolls and scarecrows, solid slider hits, and smiles!  Standouts were Sensi Graves and Colleen Carroll, Victoria Soloveykina surprised everyone with some big rolls off the kicker as well.

The girls didn't hold back...

The girls didn’t hold back…

With the girls two runs in the bag it was time for the guys to take the stage.  Billy, Eric, BCS, Chad, Aaron, James, Sam, Alex, and myself all made it through to the final….what a stacked heat.  With some blustery wind conditions the it all came down to who could put a solid run together, some big moves were stomped along with some even bigger crashes.  The results will be announced Friday, but Sam Light and Billy both put down some serious tricks.  Immediately following the end of the heats, we had a 20 minute progression session, more new tricks were stomped in these 20 minutes than we’ve seen yet in the event. I personally saw four 7s, some new inverted tricks(pete 5, and dum dums), Billy almost stomped a double half cab roll.  It was pretty mind blowing to see so many tricks in such a short time, its brought me back to the good ole jam sessions of the past SSS’s.

Brandon Scheid throwing down...

Brandon Scheid throwing down…

Tweeking it out off the kicker!

Tweeking it out off the kicker!

After a short break in the action we started the slicks portion of the event.  The run consisted of four flat water tricks, two port tack and two starboard.  We were each given two runs, so a total of 8 attempts to score your highest four tricks, not far off from the PKRA.  We managed to make it though the girls and mens round one before the storm attacked.  Giant squall lines, electric shocks, and hammering wind put a quick end to the event for the day.  It sure didn’t end the party though, we still had live music on the back deck, with a full on raging beach party well into the night.

Sheltering from the squall!

Sheltering from the squall!

It was almost apocalyptic!

It was almost apocalyptic!

The action carried on when the storm passed!

The action carried on when the squall passed!

Brandon giving it his all!

Brandon giving it his all!

Today we are going to run the surf portion of the contest with some solid NE winds filling in behind the passing front line.  Looks like there is already a chest high wave at the Lighthouse.  If the wind holds we will also be trying to run the slicks portion as well… It’s gonna be a full day on tap here in Cape Hatteras, wish us luck!

For live info about the event including snapshots and videos check out the live feed:

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