Issue 45 Articles

Kitesurfing Article - Competition


Win a Brunotti Dimension board if you are a guy; or a Riptide if you are a girl, simply subscribe to win!

Kitesurfing Article - Editorial


Kitesurfing can take you to some magical places, relax, let the winds blow you where they will and enjoy the ride...

Kitesurfing Article - The Land That Time Forgot

The Land That Time Forgot

Rou Chater heads out to Punta San Carlos in Baja to ride one of the best right-handers on the planet with Mitu Monteiro and the F-One America crew.

Kitesurfing Article - Triple S Invitational

Triple S Invitational

Brandon Scheid reports back from the most influential event in the US and the one all the top pros want to win!

Kitesurfing Article - Cabarete - The Forgotten Mecca

Cabarete - The Forgotten Mecca

Cabarete used to be the place to go, but in recent years it has fallen out of favour with many riders, the thing is though, the wind still blows and the waves still roll in...

Kitesurfing Article - Technique


More homework from the technique gurus Christian and Karine this issue! Learn the toe side duck tack, one-foot back loop and the toe side double front loop downloop transition; it's a mouthful alright!

Kitesurfing Article - Test


We've got lots of new 2014 gear on test this issue, some twin tips for your riding pleasure feature alongside a few new kites too...

Kitesurfing Article - Surf Sanctuary Presents...

Surf Sanctuary Presents...

Dom Moore is back and this time he is teaching you how to survive a heavy wipeout in the waves, prior preparation and planning, alongside being able to hold your breath is the key!

Kitesurfing Article - Paradise On Earth

Paradise On Earth

The Core Kiteboarding team head to the Los Roques archipelago near Venezuela to test the new kites and sample some delights...

Kitesurfing Article - Movie Night

Movie Night

The top four movies from our website over the last two months, some absolutely amazing films this issue, be sure to check it out!

Kitesurfing Article - Lightroom


More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

Kitesurfing Article - Readers Gallery

Readers Gallery

Did we make you famous and did you win a t-shirt? Find out here!

Chris Bobryk knows whats up, not only is he one of the most stylish riders on the planet, but he's gone one step further! Props to Chris for putting a hot chic...

3 days ago

It's windy outside at last, so if you are planning on a sneaky kite session after work how about getting your head around this trick with the helpful tuition o...

2 weeks ago

Here's your daily dose of Slingshot goodness from the new range for 2015! This is the Alien Twister a radically short and wide surfboard for performing the mos...

2 weeks ago

It's another day and it's another bit of fresh produce from Hood River and the Slingshot Crew! This time it's the much loved freestyle weapon the Asylum that i...

2 weeks ago

Time to get excited folks, 2015 is well and truly on its way, Cabrinha have just dropped their teaser video for the new kit and it is looking pretty special! S...

2 weeks ago
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