Issue 48 Articles

Kitesurfing Article - Competition


Blade have donated a Mist Kite for one of our lucky subscribers this issue!

Kitesurfing Article - Editorial


We've been working hard behind the scenes to bring you lots of updates to the software, apps and even the magazine design!

Kitesurfing Article - Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton

Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton

We head out to Australia to cover this legendary race first hand as the riders dash from Rottnest to the mainland!

Kitesurfing Article - Porto Geeza

Porto Geeza

Nuno "Stru" Figueiredo is here to help you survive a huge wave wipeout; Portugal delivers the beasts and he destroys them!

Kitesurfing Article - Behind the Brand - Ozone

Behind the Brand - Ozone

Matt Taggart fields the questions on behalf of the Ozone team as we get nosey and find out a little bit more about the brand to beat on the race course.

Kitesurfing Article - Technique


The mag may have a new look, but there are still some familiar faces! Christian and Karine are on hand to help you improve your riding once again!

Kitesurfing Article - Fortune Favours The Brave

Fortune Favours The Brave

Have you ever thought about kiting at Skeleton Bay in Namibia, this article might make you start to!

Kitesurfing Article - Test


We've got some new 2015 kites and boards on test, plus a bit of a seasonal gift guide too!

Kitesurfing Article - Surf Sanctuary Presents

Surf Sanctuary Presents

Keep your wave riding simple with Dom Moore; this issue focus on the fade, turn and release...

Kitesurfing Article - 10 Questions - Lewis Crathern

10 Questions - Lewis Crathern

Lewis Crathern isn't your typical pro rider, part MC, part eco warrior, part pro rider, the all round nice guy and brand ambassador for Best gets the 10 questions this issue...

Kitesurfing Article - Movie Night

Movie Night

The top four movies from our website over the last two months, some absolutely amazing films this issue, be sure to check it out!

Kitesurfing Article - Lightroom


More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

Kitesurfing Article - Female Focus - Polly Crathorne

Female Focus - Polly Crathorne

Polly Crathorne is in the spotlight this issue; she has just set a world record for kiting in the world's highest regatta, when you hear where it is you'll be intrigued!

Kitesurfing Article - Readers Gallery

Readers Gallery

Did we make you famous and did you win a t-shirt? Find out here!

Epic sessions in Brazil. There's nothing better than catching some cool waves, some barrels and the late evening sun. Mauricio would rather be drawing out some...

3 days ago

The champion of vice. We knew that title would get you looking, and so it should. Dutch rider Annelous Lammerts is the European Freestyle Women's Vice Champion...

2 weeks ago

Bone jarring, arm wrenching, neck twisting, ankle breaking, crash after crash after crash. There's nothing like seeing someone else wipe out to make you feel a...

5 days ago

Now for something completely different. We just love this. In a world of 'me too' edits and Go-pro footage it's nice to see someone taking the creative bull by...

2 weeks ago

Can you remember what it was like learning to kite? Did you jump straight on and ride away because you had all the kite flying skills and a wakeboard backgroun...

2 weeks ago
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