Issue 47 Articles

Kitesurfing Article - Competition


Core have put forward the fantastic 2015 GTS3 kite this issue as a prize, it's great for waves and freestyle plus it is a kite loop machine too!

Kitesurfing Article - Editorial


The weather definitely seems to play with us, arguably the worst start to the autumn season in living memory, own up, who bought new kit and jinxed it?

Kitesurfing Article - Tahitian Dreams

Tahitian Dreams

Tahiti isn't just about Teahupo'o, it's a flat water paradise with lagoons, stunning beaches and plenty of flat water, of course there are some thundering waves too, check out our travel guide here!

Kitesurfing Article - Railing Russia

Railing Russia

We chat to Konstantin Bobovik about the Rail Masters event in Russia, which has recently grown into an international phenomenon.

Kitesurfing Article - Behind the Brand - Blade

Behind the Brand - Blade

In a new feature set to run for a few issues we chat to some of the people behinds the brands in the industry today, this issue, Yaron Barlev from Blade.

Kitesurfing Article - Technique


More homework from the technique gurus Christian and Karine this issue! Learn to throw a back loop with an indy grab, the triple F and the unhooked popped front role to toeside.

Kitesurfing Article - Test


We've put some winter wetsuits through their paces this issue, plus we have kites from CrazyFly, Liquid Force, Ozone and Peter Lynn with boards from Core and Carved.

Kitesurfing Article - Surf Sanctuary Presents

Surf Sanctuary Presents

This issue Dom is looking at building up your strength and fitness over a defined period of time so you are ready for when the bombs drop.

Kitesurfing Article - Greece - Land Of The Gods

Greece - Land Of The Gods

Dimitri Maramenides and the Epic Kites Crew head over to Greece, their second home from the US to get their shred on...

Kitesurfing Article - 10 Questions

10 Questions

Another new series of interviews where we ask just ten pertinent questions to an unsuspecting rider... This issue, Wainman Hawaii's latest signing, Forest Bakker.

Kitesurfing Article - Movie Night

Movie Night

The top four movies from our website over the last two months, some absolutely amazing films this issue, be sure to check it out!

Kitesurfing Article - Lightroom


More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

Kitesurfing Article - Female Focus

Female Focus

Time to turn some pages over to the fairer sex on a regular basis each issue, first up it is the very talented Katarzyna Lange from Poland.

Kitesurfing Article - Readers Gallery

Readers Gallery

Did we make you famous and did you win a t-shirt? Find out here!

Work sucks, we all know it. Surfskolan Crew rider Victor Andersson knows it too and that's why he works the early shift every day so he can head out head out t...

2 weeks ago

So, after having such great season out in South Africa for 2014 rolling with the Dirty Habits crew, Tom Court is looking forward to going back out there again...

1 week ago

Eudazio Da Silva from Brazil has his heart set on the top step of the PKRA podium. Many people believe that he can do it and looking at how he rides we think i...

5 days ago

Ozone's kite designer and all-round paragliding legend Rob Whittall talks us through their newly revised Access snowkite. The Access is Ozone's entry level de...

7 days ago

Is it time for the snow again already? Hell yeh and we've got our cold season gear all ready packed and we're looking for the first opportunity to head to the...

10 hours ago
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