Issue 49 Articles

Kitesurfing Article - Competition


We have a Slingshot Vision Kiteboard to give away this issue!

Kitesurfing Article - Editorial


Hannah Whiteley releases a video and the world goes mad...

Kitesurfing Article - Kitesurfings Quiet Couple

Kitesurfings Quiet Couple

Tuva Jansen and Bertrand Fleury started a family last year, we chat to them about the Indo Kite Camps, their new daughter and how life has changed...

Kitesurfing Article - Find Your Flow

Find Your Flow

Cover star Sam Light has some tips for finding your flow on the water, whilst simultaneously checking out a new spot in Brazil...

Kitesurfing Article - Behind the Brand - Naish

Behind the Brand - Naish

We chat to the team at Naish about what goes on behind the scenes, the design processes involved with kite production and where they are headed in the future...

Kitesurfing Article - Technique


Christian and Karine are on hand to help you improve your riding once again in this issues technique feature; it's homework time!

Kitesurfing Article - The Comeback Kid

The Comeback Kid

Liam Whaley knows a thing or two about nail biters, this young star of the PKRA is mature beyond his years and his 2014 story of the tour will have you on the edge of your seat.

Kitesurfing Article - Tried and Tested

Tried and Tested

More 2015 kite gets tested this issue with kites and boards from some of the major brands!

Kitesurfing Article - Surf Sanctuary Presents - Hitting the Lip

Surf Sanctuary Presents - Hitting the Lip

Dom Moore looks at the various ways you can smash a top turn this issue, the "Hate Hack" is our new favourite move!

Kitesurfing Article - 10 Questions - Tom Hebert

10 Questions - Tom Hebert

Tom Hebert knows a thing or too about airtsyle trickery, his latest videos have been getting a lot of attention, we ask just ten poignant questions...

Kitesurfing Article - Movie Night

Movie Night

The top four movies from our website over the last two months, there were a few viral hits this time, be sure to check it out!

Kitesurfing Article - Lightroom


More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

Kitesurfing Article - Female Focus - Sensi Graves

Female Focus - Sensi Graves

Sensi Graves talks business, bikinis and pro kiteboarding this issue!

Kitesurfing Article - Readers Gallery

Readers Gallery

Did we make you famous and did you win a t-shirt? Find out here!

Check out the final days action from the wave event at the Virgin Kitesurfing World Championships in Dakhla... The wind switched on and the waves were pumping...

24 hours ago

They are lacking a key ingredient in Dakhla right now, the wind isn't playing ball, but the good news is that it is set to blow for the rest of the event, here...

2 days ago

; Check out what happens when some of the fastest sailing boats in the world take on a kiteboarder in the ultimate showdown! The highlight being the sailors won...

2 weeks ago

Check out this rather awesome travel feature from Lewis Crathern! It's certainly not your average kite movie and gives a great insight into Mūi Né in Vietnam...

2 weeks ago

We don't often post landboarding videos, but the quality of the filming and the action in this one is just too good not to share... Yusca Balogh deals with t...

2 days ago
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